About ZenDogs

ZenDogs provides private sessions for puppies, adult dogs and humans to educate them them on manners and behavioral issues. I am both CCPDT and Animal Behavior College certified dog trainer. I am a former Behavior Assistant with the Erie County SPCA. I have a Master's in Education which helps me to design a program that is most effective for you and your dog. I spent 7 years as a Dog Enrichment volunteer under the Behavior Dept. at the SPCA. I was at a Level 3, which is the highest level for a Dog Enrichment volunteer. I use only scientifically-based methods that have been tested to be effective and humane. Some of the cornerstones to how I train are developing your dog's ability to focus and the ability to calm your dog and yourself when needed. I work with you right in your home to improve your dog's impulse control in various situations.


I have earned the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers Knowledge Assessed certification. It is the only national group that certifies dog trainers about their knowledge so that dog owners can make informed choices about competency levels and experience. Click the logo to learn more.


Animal Behavior College's private dog training certification program is well-known throughout the industry.  To learn more about Animal Behavior College certification and other certification information, please click the above logo to learn more.