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Services offered by ZenDogs Dog Training (click for pricing info):

  • Private Puppy Manners - Level 1 Private sessions are currently available for Puppy Manners sessions. Puppy sessions include basic manners cues,  discussing proper socialization, nipping/ mouthing, crate training, and other puppy behaviors. Most importantly we work with your dog to focus on you along with working to calm your dog 

  • Private Dog Manners - Level 2 (Canine Good Citizen Prep) Private sessions are currently available for Dog Manners sessions. Dog Manners sessions include dog manners but we work with more distractions and distance. We will work on the specific competencies to aid you in passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification test.  

  • Day Training - Day training is when a trainer comes to your home while you are at work and trains your dog during the day. Once a week I meet with you to go over what was learned. Great for the busiest of owners.

  • Behavior Modification - From basic behavior issues such as jumping and barking to dog reactivity and aggression we will work with you in a calm, systematic way to teach you and your dog a more appropriate response.

  • Loose Leash Walking - Is your dog pulling you down the street? Do you have difficulty getting your dog to focus on you when distractions arise on your walks? Learn to systematically walk your dog and deal with distractions in the real world.

  • Group Sessions Coming Soon!