Services Offered

ZenDogs offers private, convenient, in-home dog training that fits your busy schedule.

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Puppy Foundations 

Our Puppy Foundations package includes basic manners, getting your puppy used to body handling, games and oral hygiene. We steadily build your puppy's confidence work with you on the all-important topic of socialization (for puppies 2 months - 5 months). 5 sessions.


Masters in Manners

Our Masters in Manners follows up by building on Puppy Foundations. We spend time educating your dog in basic manners such as Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Loose Leash Walking, getting a reliable recall ("Come"), Leave and Drop. We build distractions  over the 5 weeks to get manners as solid as possible (5 months and up). 6 sessions.


Doctorate in Manners

If you are interested in taking the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test for certification, the Doctorate in Manners is the perfect prep course.  Most therapy dog organizations require the CGC as part of their requirements. It's also a great way to see how far your dog has come in their training. (Puppies - Adult). 5 sessions.


Behavior Modification Consults and Sessions

We will work directly with you and your dog in your own home on issues such as fear, aggression, reactivity, jumping and any other questions you may have.  The appointment consists of gathering more specific information on your dog's issues, observations and then a discussion and hands-on practice using management and proactive training solutions. I then write up a detailed behavior modification plan and send it to you. Depending on the seriousness of the issue(s), more sessions may be needed (any age).

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Loose Leash Walking

Is your dog pulling you down the street? Do you have difficulty getting your dog to focus on you when distractions arise on your walks? Learn to systematically and calmly, walk your dog on a loose leash (any age). 4 sessions.